[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Hunting Horn (And How To Get Them) (2024)

Play the song of life.

There are few weapons that do blunt damage in Monster Hunter and even fewer weapons that you could say support your teammates. The hunting horn is a weapon that does both and is great at both. As a player, it's always reassuring to see a hunting horn user pop into my quest. It's even better when I see them with one of these hunting horns:

5. Horn of the Indomitable+

Anjanath Never Disappoints | Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

When thinking about hunting horns you have to consider the songs as much as the stats. Its attack is good and can be made better with the attack up song. The slots are decent for a good skill and it can help the team with surviving using health up and stamina recovery up. The bit of purple sharpness doesn't hurt either. This is the last weapon on the Anjanath upgrade tree and needs material from a 3* Anomaly quest.

  • Has songs that are always useful.
  • A good amount of blue and white sharpness.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Horn+of+the+Indomitable++

4. Abyssal Hollow

Sunbreak Final Boss - Gaismagorm Hunt

The Abyssal Hollow is a bit more straightforward than the previous hunting horn. Its songs focus on boosting both raw and elemental damage. Combined with its high natural attack and sharpness this weapon is made for just going in and hitting big numbers while enabling your team to do the same, no matter the damage type. The added ability to negate blights makes this good against element-focused monsters. This weapon is made from material from the Gaismagormof the campaign.

  • A lot of purple sharpness so no need to worry about sharpening much.
  • Two attack boosting skills so elemental and raw builds are both supported.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Abyssal+Hollow

3. Magician's Allure

[MHRise PC] Malzeno - 3'29 - Hunting Horn

Here is a hunting horn where the songs vastly improve the weapon. While this weapon does have a nice level 4 decoration slot, it's nothing compared to the value of its songs. Sharpness regeneration and sharpness loss reduced are a combination of skills that can see you forgoing whetstones entirely in a hunt and maintaining that precious purple sharpness. The last song being earplugs just solidifies this as an even more aggressive weapon than the last. This is on Malzeno's weapon tree and needs material from the MR 100 monster, Scorned Magnamalo.

  • Two incredible songs for melee weapons, enabling more aggression.
  • A level 4 decoration slot.
  • It looks really cool. (Let me have this.)

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Magician's+Allure

2. Tigrex's Roar+

Tigrex Solo Lance -5:02- Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

This weapon, like all Tigrex weapons, can achieve great damage numbers. While its sports low amounts of all three highest sharpness the damage of the weapon isn't to be underestimated. Using attack up and sonic wave this weapon shines as a contender for the best raw damage of any hunting horn. Sonic wave ignores a monster's defense, doing a set amount of damage and can be spammed reliably when combined with other combos. While it has earplugs it is a more selfish hunting horn. You would follow the Tigrex tree and hunt 4* Anomaly quest to craft this weapon.

  • Has Sonic wave which ignores defense.
  • Good natural damage.
  • Capable of competing for best damage hunting horn.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Tigrex+Roar++

1. Fine Kamura Flute

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Anomaly - Afflicted Kulu-Ya-Ku - Light Bowgun

The best things are frequently the simplest. The Fine Kamura Flute is good in a very straightforward way. It has good attack, slots, and songs. The songs in particular are the most basic which means they are the most reliable. With attack up, defense up, and health recovery + antidote there are no situations where this horn has a useless song. A bonus is that it's simple to craft as you only need to be able to do 1* Anomaly quest and follow the Kamura upgrade tree.

  • Has a level 4 decoration slot.
  • Three songs that are all useful for yourself and your teammates.
  • Decent sized purple sharpness.

Full Details: https://monsterhunterrise.wiki.fextralife.com/Fine+Kamura+Flute

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[Top 5] Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Best Hunting Horn (And How To Get Them) (2024)


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