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and Ai cnibald Webster special procct'siouers appointed by the Gieen County Court togeihei with the surveyor of Green County on the 7th day uf March 1842 between the iS NOTICE kL 1 known to iaj! whom it may concern that I shall MX attend with Robert Buckner Randolph Robinson hotns of 8 ami 1(1 A Al at mv house in Green Goun legal to wrested may attend if they think pioper 1 67 3w surveyed and patented in ihe name of Matthews Knox and 'Taylor and about 500 acres entered' surveyed and patc nlad upon creek entered surveyed and patented by James Hanis and about 170 acres lying upon fork of little Brush ('reek entered" surveyed nod patented Lrine near William corner to said Thump Jand myself which 1 shall make a beginning and from ich corner I shall make a beginning establish and re mark the lines and ty for the purpose of processioning the laud on which I no reside containing bout 809 acres lying upon the wau isot day until it is completed when and where all those who feel themselves mtorested may attend if they think proper On the lOih day of March 1812 beiwcen the hours aforesaid will proceed from my house with said processioners annjrveyor to the south west corner of the 90 acre tract 1 1 ii i uh 1 1 11 i thp hmi6 of Airs Hannah glchersoii at which corm I shall make a beginning and ujjtues Bjitv ecu the aforesaid hours 1 shall pro 5 11 said pruccssiouers and surveyor to the south west feel themselves interested may attend if they proper On the same day I will proceed with said THE CULTIVATOR ULIDATION UE CULTIVATOR AMI THE GENE Monthly periodical designed'' to improve the soil of the jyhmi' and to iolevate Ute standard ana cnaracccr oy the Cultivators of the American GAYLORD and TUCKER Editors Published at Albany JV by Luther Tucker Proprietor Teh ms One Dollar per annum Six copies for Dollars 2(1 per cent commission on Twenty five or more subscribers 25 percent on Ono Hundred or more All subscribers to commence with a volume The papers can be furnished from ols 12 3 and 4 at 50 qynts each and Vols 56 7 and 8 at $1 00 each H1HE publisher of the Cultivator has the pleasure of JL presenting to the friends of Agriculture in the United States the prospectus of a new volume (the 9th commencing January 1 184 2) of that periodical paper is so well known in every part of the country as to render a recapitulation of its objects and contents generally unne cessary The range and variety of its its list oi contributors (embracing the must distinguished agricultur ists every section of the Union) unrivalled in numbers as well as scientific and practical skill the superiority of its mechanical execution and the unequalled number rich variety and superior beauty of its illustrations embracing in the last two volumes about TWO HUNDRED EN dftllOS Ay A I GS represent! ng the improved breeds of Uatt le Horses Sheep Swinf Building? Implements and on every subject connected with Agriculture have con tributed to render it a favorite with a'l classes interested in the cultivation of the soil and given it a circulation hitherto unknown among the agricultural periodicals of the country amounting to about twenty two thousand Grateful for the favorable consideration has re ceivedand the extensive patronage awarded the publisher would state that no effort or expense will be spared to give new and increased interests to the volume for 1842 It is intended to devote a large portion of the work (at least one page monthly) to the subjects of Gardening and the orch ard and to enlarge the departments devoted to domestic AND RURAL ECONOMV and tO the DISEASES ANIMALS SO as to render them as useful as possible to all classes of our citizens To accomplish this such arrangements have been made as will place within our reach all European periodi cals and publications important in agricultural and veteri nary matters and they will be made available in such a manner as in every respect to render the Cultivator wor thy the patronage it has received and make it all things considered the cheapest and best Agricultural Paper pub lished in this or any other country Postmasters and all those kind friends who have hereto fore with so much liberality and patriotism as well as those whs wish to the standing and character of the cul tivators of the American are respectfully invited to use their influence in promoting its circulation by acting as Agents in their respective neighborhoods LUTHER TUCKER Publisher of the Cultivator Albany December 184 1 THE CINCINNATI POST AND ANTI ABOLITIONIST DS bvtii nnire nr sinple ftnnv can be pffice To be devoted to the interest of the Anti Abolition So ciety of Cincinnati General Intelligence Trade Mechanics Manufactures and the undaunted advo cacy of the constitution and lbws fVIE object of presenting this Prospectus to the people JL for a new paper is obvious from its name but a few words may not be amiss on this occasion We firmly be lieve that the doctrines of Abolitionists are fallacious and dangerous in the extreme serving to bring misery upon the African race instead of mitigating it that if their doc trines were carried out they would bring ten fold more mise ry upon our common country than is now endured by the slave! We are well satisfied that the number of fanatics in this city has been over rated to a degree that haw injured our general character our name and business We there fore propose to show to the world by this publication that Cincinnati in the mass is sound to the core and that her people are on the side of the Constitution and the Laws that they delight injustice and will cheerfully aid in arrest ing the dangerous steps of those few among us who are act ing under the direction of British Spies paid with British Money for scattering fire and discord over our land We shall show that many of these deluded persons have been sent from abroad to sow the seeds of Abolitionism in our midst hoping thereby to form a lever to effect our na tional overthrow that they are in fact a hollow hearted vicious selfish set of men having no more love in reality for the slave than the vicious have for virtue In a prospec tus little can be said upon this vital subject It is therefore fer you to say whether we shall do ju tice to the honor and trade of our city be protected and the rights of strangers guarded whose business or pleasure calls them among us or whether a few misguided individuals shall go on unchecked in their mad career to our great and we might say irreparable injury Rally and sustain this effort anti Abolitionism with us will soon be as harmless as it is impolitic and negro as well as their aiders and abetters will be as certainly pointed out in the as if their names were written in letters of gold in yonder weekly commencing on the first of Januaryyg will contain eight pages extra imperial quarto jlonducted entirely free of party politics printed on good paper and with neat type A REE DlKhtl vKi oi the Mechanics Merchants Hotel ai id businessmen in general will be placed in alpha betiuAider in the latter pages of the paper showing the and location of our city subs' xibers for the bene jiiMurbern gentlemen and others who come to trade or the city Two Dollars in advance Two Dollars Cents within six months or Three Dollars of the year Subscribers from a distance always "jpnce 'Betters must be franked or post paid MbltTHlH! fa LI a iiril rtiva title kis nTsertion and the favor will be reciprocated A OPvblisiiing Office on Sycamore Street near Lower iour News Office 1 GREELY CURTISS December 1841 RECEIVED AND OR SALE of Mousline De Laines wirti neces trimmings such as Silk ringe hpj vv i Czi aiain st rankfort Ky inion ur Seal and Celeste Caps l'1 tf i A 5 TRANKORT KENTUCKY JAMES STOUGHTON HAS taken this large and commodious Hotel and it is now open for the accommodation of the travelling public ami citizens generally The house has been estab lished many ears is favorably known as a Public Hotel and the present occupier is leierinintd that nothing shall be wanting on bis part to give entire satisfaction to those who inav hereafter favor him with a call The house has recently unoetgoue extensive repairs and embellishments and most of it has been newly furnished in the most fashionable style The Bar is furnished with superior liquors of all kinds and the table will be supplied ith every luxury that lhe season and market can afford A share of the public patronage is solicited boarding will be furnished to families or individuals with lhe best accommodations on moderate terms Apnl 29 430 tf JI UJU EORG ETOWN KEN TUCK I ho present Assistants are regular graduates of the'best They live in the family of the Principal any deduction made on a to appoint a Books stationery similar expense 30 lesscms to to MUSIC SCHOOL 4f4 Grn VV would respectfully inform the Members the Legislature that she still commoes to keep d53 tf Im Wm TODD Dec 28 461 tf he ment shall have the aid ot lhe most popular writers of old low for cash or exchanged 456 3m $75 15 lie to call and examine his stock before making purchases elsewhere rankfort Oct 12 1841 The Keepsake Gilt lor the Holidays Scrap Book Scrap Boook The The The 'The The session of 2 1 eeks 46 Music Lessons per quarter Use of Piano do a well selected assortment of English rench Italian and American Dry Goods suited to this market which he offers to his friends and patrons upon the usual terms lie is prepared to give as good bargains as any other The case of any delay AMERICAN ALMANAC OR 1842 HIE American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for 1812 Also the Compre To those who may have honored him with their company while he kept the Louisville Exchange Hotel he can confi dently appeal for a recommendation rankfort May 8 1 8 11 if CONSTANTLY ON HAND AND OR SALE A GENERA assortment of Tancu and Staple Ury Goods Hardware (ueensware eocenes at the on Alain street rankfort Ky batuhelor IN presenting to the public the prospectus of a periodical devoted to 1iterature and the History of the West we shall be sparing of promises Our object in publishing this work is not a temporary one on the contrary we intend that the Western Literary and Historical Magazine shall embrace topics of enduring interest and its publication be perma nent Such being our views and such the design of the Alagazine we shall never seek to obtain patronage by the means too often practiced of promising more than we can perform On the other hand we shall merely give a briefoutline of the work The Magazine as its name indicates will be decidedly and emphatically Western Our own lovely region will principally claim our attention Already iu political influ ence io population and natural resources the scale pre ponderates iu favor of lhe Valley of the Mississippi We believe that the people of this section are aware of the im portance of fostering their own literature instead of contin uing tributary to the East We have therefore made such arrangements that we shall be able to rally around us the native talent of the west of a high order and give lhe public a periodical which a western man may proudly exhibit to the literati of other sections and say is the production of western mind To fleet this we require but a moiety of the patronage with which our citizens foster eastern writers and eastern periodicals We are neither warning in talents nor iiAhemes that may well inspire lhe pen Our history is fraught with deep interest our rivers roll for thousands of miles tnrough regions unsurpassed iu fertility or beauty of scenery our forests and praties present landscapes far more lovely than is seen under the bright skies of Italy The early history of our valley embracing a period of nearly a century during which the flag belle waved over this region isTut little known The annals of that period are copious but found only in the rench lan guage One of the gentlemen who will aid us with contri butions has on hand documents papers and books some of which were procured in rance thatgive the history of thatperiod not a few of the incidentsof which will be read with thrilling interest Another and valuable departmeat of the Magazine will be that of the Biography of distinguished western men liv ing as well as dead The memory of the bold pioneers of lhe West ought not to perish We believe that their sons will gratefully patronize the attempt to rescue the memories of their fathers from the oblivion to which they are rapidly hastening We shall diversify the Magazine with graphic original GENTLEMENS KIP AND CAL SHOES A SUPPLY of Gentlemens Kip and Calf Shoes peg ed and sewed of good quality just received from Philadelphia and for sale by Wm AI TODD Sep 7 1841 448 by NEW GOODS NAVINS REYNOLDS have just received an as sortment of fresh and seasonable DR GOODS con ancy Soap Refined Salt Petre' Soft Shell Almonds Percussion Caps Baltimore Oysters Superfine Ohio lour Buckwheat do Winter Strained Sperm Oil Sperm Candles AL Raisins Spanish loat Indigo Aladder Copperas Alum Spice 7 Pepper Nutmegs doves' Ginger few barrels of old copper Distilled Whiskey Rectified Whiskey The Rose The Ncw Years Gift All of which are handsomely got up together with many others suitable for small children from Books down to Melodies tor sale bv Wm AI TODD Dec 21 46 3 by ward without the danger of stupifying biin by lessons be yond his comprehension or leading him into lhe bad habit of reading without thinking The Third Reader brings the pupil to a wider field of literature This volume contains a full series of lessons on the subject of morals and maimers and is calculated supply the common deficiency of schools in this respect It contains a series of Rules for Reading the mode of applying which is peculiar and efficient These Books are original not a line having been copied from any School Book in common use The younger works contain many beautiful Engravings designed and executed expressly for these Books by the first artists These Engravings are not a mere ornament but serve to insure the constant presence and attention of the young mind and heart in the progress of the lessons Goodrich is a great benefactor of the human race He has long been devoted to the benevolent rhjet of estab lishing a pre per system of A Papei exceeding great popularity of Mr wri tings will secure to this work a favorable reception and in deed it deserves such a Annals of Education Aug 27 416 by TIIOS HART (Late of the Louisville Exchange Hotel OAVLXG purchased the well known Weisiger House rankfort Kentucky is prepared to accommodate all who may favor him with their company He intends that his House shall not be inferior to any other Hotel in the Western country in all its various de partments and if a careful' attention to the comforts and accommodation of his visiters will merit patronage be is The advantages of a splendid Philosophical and Chymical Apparatus enjoyed by lhe pupils of this Instilution will be appreciated by all who know any tiling of the natural sci ences acd the dilliculty of teaching them by the catechetical system The teacher of Music has no superior in this country and devotes his whole time to the pupils of this school He keeps five Pianoes at the Institute for the benefit of his class that each member may practice from one to two hours JOHNSON SUMAS just received and now opening on the corner of JOI Broadway and Lewis streets opposite to Greenup a fresh assorttneut of AMILY GROCERIES Consisting in part of the following articles to wil: JOHN CAMMACK Cabinet jTlaker (main STREET RANKORT KENTUCKY) EEPS constantly on hand every variety of URNI jiLk TURK made of the best materials and of the most approved patterns which he will sell or barter for such articles ashe may want on as reasonable terms as at any manufactory in the West Orders for any kind of urniture thankfully received and promptly executed He gives notice also that he haslatelyproctired a NEW HEARSE and will attend strictly to all uneral calls night or day either in town or in the country JAIarch 6 422 tf Best James River Tobacco No 1 do Cigars Boston Soap No 1 Windsor do The above articles will be for country produce January 4 1812 165 3m PROPOSALS Por publishing at Louisville Ky a monthly Periodical to be entitled THE WESTERN LITERARY AND HISTORICAL MAGAZINE II Johnson Co Editors and Proprietors The pupils are made to take abundant exercise iu the open air daily 1 All arrangement? show the care which the conductors of this institution feel for the health and comfort of their pu pils Up to the close of this 8th session only one case of was MRS BOARDING HOUSE St Clair Street No 1 Loaf Sugari Common do New Orleans do Plantation Molasses Java and Rio Coffee Gun Powder Tea Madeira Wine Sweet Malaga do Jamaica Rum Cognac Brandy Peach do Rice Western Reserve Cheese No 1 Mackerel 8 by 10 Sl 10 by 12 Window Glass Assorted Glass Bottles of a Boarding House at her old stand on St Clair street and would be happy to accommodate those who may favor her with a call Her rooms are pleasant and warm and she pledges herself that her table shall be inferior to none Call and examine before locating permanently elsew here Nov 9 457 S100 REWARD AN AWAY from the residence of Rice McAfee in WMnrcp county (to whom I had hired him) on Mon day the 27th of December my negro man named HAR RISON lie is about 24 years of age 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high spare made thin sharp face dark copper color had on when he left a suit of mixed Janes a black hair cap and took away a suit of blue cloth clothes I believe he will make for a free State as his father lives four miles from Albany Indiana on the road to Charlestown Indiana The above reward of $100 will be given if taken out of the State or $5U if iken ilhin the State and out of Mercer County or $25 if taken in the county' of Mercer In either case to be secured in jail or if brought home all reasonable charges paid DITER 1UL bers of the Legislate citizens of rankfort and the travelling public that sue is prepared to accommodate them with boarding on the most reasonable terms Her house is on tho south side of Mam street opposite Ury troods fetore rankfort Nov 2 18 IL serious illness has occurred among the pupils and this contracted al her home during the Christmas recess TERMS or Tuition Boarding Washing' uel Candles 36 pages 18mo 1 bmo 1 6mo 12mo 12mo In conclusion we will assure the public that the publica lion of the Magazine will not depend upon the amount of I patronage to be obtained Its permanency is already guar I anteed The efforts we have made and the heavy expenses incurred we trust will be appreciated II JOHNSTON CO Louisville Dec 1 18 12 a TERMS The Western Literary and Historical Magazine I will be published monthly about the first of each month at lhe low price of two dollars per nnumn iu advance payable on the receipt of lye first number It will contain 32 octavo pages of a beautiful minion type forming at the end of the year a hamkoine volume Any person sending I ustre subscribers accompanied with the cash will be enti ilt toan extra copy 7 The first number will be issued some time in January I 1842 letters and communications must be addressed (postpaid') to JOHNSTON CO Louisville Ky friendly to the above undertaking will please give the above prospectus one or two insertions and lhe favor will be cheerfully reciprocated whenever occasion oc I cuis 1 To the Merchants of Kentucky BOOKS JlKl) STJITIOKERY ITTfOGAN THOMPSON Booksellers No Jfc North ourth Street PHILADELPHIA next to Sanderson's Merchants' Hotel inform the Merchants of Kentucky that they mamjaciure and keep for sale at lhe lowest prices all the articles that are wanted by them in the line of books and stationery being thoroughly conver sant with the wants of the Kentucky and Western Trade generally in those articles Their stock consists of all kinds of School and Miscella neous Books Paper Blank Books for accounts and for Public Offices and STATIONERY in every variety Orders by letter or during the visits of Merchants to Philadelphia will be attended to with the utmost proptitude and on the best terms Philadelphia June 1 1841 434 by BOOTS AND SHOES WM TODD WOULD inform his friends and customers that he has received a large supply of bootsand shoes suitable for the season and requests them to call and examine his stock before they make their purchases as he believes he has selected such as wili give general satisfaction It con sists principally of Water proof calf kip and coarse Boots calf and coarse do do 'do do and kip and calf Shoes Coarse Brogans in abundance calf seal and morocco Bools and Shoes Misses calf and morocco do do seal and morocco boots and ankle ties Boots and shoes suitable for house servants zks it is his intention to keep a good supply he hopes meet with suitable encouragement October 12 18 453 by Pupils will be taught to translate lhe rench or Latin without charge (Xfj The charges will be required invariably in advance Georgetown Dec 25 1812 2m institution for articles of clothing unless an equivalent sum be deposited in tho bauds the Bills of expenditurewill be sent with the bulletins amount to be paid immediately or in with the interest from the date WILLIAM 8 MURPHY PrcsidentJ Will benpened on Monday lhe llh of ATarch and closed RESH BUCKWHEAT LOUR JUST received from Pennsylvania and for sale at the Railroad Office iu rankfort 59 half barrels fresh Buckwheat flour (iMcK) uec ion on on 2 011 Wax work Shell work Embroidery Drawing and OR HERR VAN REDERICK proposes to give lessons on the Piano orte Violin Guitar and other Instruments Also in the theory and practice of Vocal Music Prices moderately Those wishing to lake Lessons will please leave their names at Mrs rankiort Ky Pianos tuned and repaired Jan 4 184g on the 22d of July following with it Public Exa initiation aT JOHNSON A Principals MS GLOIUI2TTA HAVEN nislanh Msr CAROLINE STaNVVOODA Assistant IM11 GEORGE HEIDELBERG roJ of Music 1HK Principal pledges himself to have at all times a 8 leaehcr oi superior attainments and experience to terms Board tniiion in both courses' and washing per anndni $100 payment half yearly in advance bed ami beddim when furnished by the college $8: use of the philosophil apparatus $10 boarding at lire college during the anmnl vacation week $2 music drwiug mineralogy gel ogv ami botany are taught on moderate terms according INORMATION WANTED WILLIAM TWIGG aged about sixteen years left his parents in Putnam comity Indiana about four years ago and has not since been heard of by his friends Should he be living anti get to see this he is requested to return as his father is dead and his aged mother very much needs his assistance July 1841 Qy Editors in Indiana Illinois and Kentucky are re quested to give the above a few insertions in their respective papers SALLY TWIGG St COLLEGE MARJON CO KY literary establish mt uimlcfl lb id has con 5tatilly averaged one hundred bom dei out himdied and fifty ran be accommodated henceforth Incorporated itlortun Oriswold Booksellers Stationers Binders Book A Job Printers MAIN LOUISVILLE KY HAVE constantly on hand a complete assortmemt of Law Medical Theological Classical School and Miscella neous Books at low piices Paper of every description qualitj' aud price Schoolsand Private Li braries supplied at a small advance on cost Wholesale or Oxtail March 13 423 by i SHEEP AND BOOKS OR SALE' I will sell on liberal credits or low for cash forty or fifty head of choice blood Sheep and several complete set and odd volumes of Reports All persons indebted to the late James Dana are re quested to call and settle and those having claims against his estate will please present them for adjustment JAMES DAVIDSON Executor of Dana deceased I rankfort June 81811 135 if CASKS and 35 boxes Cheese received this jl day and for sale by NOCK RAWSON Nov 30 Alain street Louisville None are admiited as dat scholars whose pa rents or guar dians do not live hi the neighborhood I Twice a year coirect reports or bullctins are ti ausmited to parents and guardians slating the behavior health pro gress and application ol their children or wards and for sale by Dec 21 1841 463 by The CoiBiprehensive Readers Published bt MORTON GRISWOLD Louisville Ky CONSIST Till: OLLOWING: NEW PRIMER IRST READER with EhO 96 SECOND READER 114 THIRD READER 1 80 OURTH READER 300 Peculiar features of these Beaders They are 'progress! beginning with 'simple adapted to the capacity of the pupil and gradually advan cing so as to carry him along with an easy but unceasing effort in ascending to the higher kinds of composition The Primer begins with the alphabet To interest and excite the little learner numerous Cuts of familiar objects are employed The irst Reader consists of easy lessons in simple language The subjects are such as catch the attention and excite curiosity WANTED TO HIRE GENTLEMAN wishes to hive for the year 184? a couple of negro men or particulars enquire at this office '(W) January 6 1812 46G 3t ALL AND VvTNTER GOODS CHEAP SUTSTANTI A 1 AND ASHIONABLE 4 THE NINTH SESSION i () KI EM COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE by an act of the Legislature it enjoys the privileges ol oilier Or I I 11 '1 I II I I' (1 I 1 Messrs Cody Hays I Daly Dwyer 'LouisviUe Ihomas Jjumly rsq Rev Jos Stokes Ahtslixille Air McAller Alcmphis Pamphlets giving more ample infromatiori may be had at this office 7 Dec 7 461 13W HOUSE AND LOT OR SALE THE subscriber is desirous of selling for cash the fam ily residence at present occupied by Joseph Belt sq 4 here is a large garden and all needfu out build nigs It will be sold low Apply to JOHN A TAYLOR rankfort Sent 28 1811 451 tf Outlines of Geography JaLl and History presen ting a concise view of thewoild By rederick Emerson The Outlines of Geography and History by Emerson is a new work offered for the use of schools in the United States The work is so constructed that the two subjects and history are combined in their natural rela tion and the reader is presented with a concise view of lhe world The maps and other graphical illustrations neces sary to give the learner a correct uiiderstatjding of the text are all contained within the pages of the book hence the expense of an atlas is avoided The treatise although short forms a complete system and is designed as the au thor states in his preface only for scholars who are to pursue the study of geography and history in a larger work but also for limited school time will not allow them to go through with a more diffuse sys The work is illustrated by sixty engravings Just received aud fur sale by MAXWELL Jr Louisville Aug 1 7 1 841 145 by Main nearThird st rfeWEISIGER HOUSE RANKORT KENTUCKY I I I 'I I I i lie Vitiuunu i hhi muitwrn by lhe conductors without any encroachment on the prin ciples of students of other denommathms The system of studies embraces all the branches com monly' taught iu other colleges It is divide! into two courses the classical course ul lour years and the English or commercial course of three There is Insides a prepay atofy class in which the students who caiinct be ainiitted! to either ol the courses are taught re ining rpelling wil ling with lhe elements ol Etiglish grammar arithmetic ge ography and history I The academical year commences on the first 7 iiursdsy of September and terminates in the latter qiart of Juy Muslin de Lam English and American Prints which they will sell extremely low for Cash 4 will have regular Auction Sales of Dry Goods every Tuesday and riday nights during the winter Their first sale will be on this night 3i)th instant at early candle jjaht GAVINS aSc REYNOLDS 30 490 tf BOR DING HOUSE "1WWRS IL LEON ARD respectful I informs the mem beis ol and charged to tins office BOOKS! SUITABLE for Christmas and New piesents among which are The Amaranth AMERICAN ALMANAC OR 1S42 fMVIE American Almanac and Repoioij of Uaeful ji Knowledge fur toe year 184 2 totitiite la Keccntd and for sale by Al A LEE i Alain street neui Bind WILLI A MATHEWS S2 LS 12 ID Ji Mai stive! rankfort Kentucky Louisville Nov 30 ss ra owj 5s w' cJ Um OB KsU Mt Nd 3 4 faints WHOLESALE AAD RETAIL' SI usi TGei it'd from Hie East at Doctor LLOYh'S Drug iiiid riiemical Store tm ex tensive assortment of Drugs selected with great caie which he offers to his old iriends and cus tomers on terms as low (quality considered) as they can be furnished any where in lhe State JlMONG HIS LATE ARRIVALS ARE rench Sulphate Quinine English Hydro sub limed Calomel English Aniimony Veratria Strychnine Salts of Morphia and of Iodine Superior Loxa Calisaya and Red Bark London Hydrargyri Citric Tartaric and concentrated Acetic Acid fresh extracts of Bel ladonna Conimn Colocynlh Hhiterium Genuine London Lancets Dental and Pocket instruments Utero abdominal supporters Glass Pewter and White Metal Syringes Pes saries Catheters Trusses Glhss Iron and Com position Mortars Graduated bleeding basins (fee Panacea German Pills Vermifuge Pills Eye Water Tonic Syrup and alt the estab lished Patent Medicines Genuine and Cologne rench Rose Wider Ground Paint and Var nish Brushes Sash Tools Gold and Silver Leaf assorted Bronzes Medicine Chests Shop ur niture Spices ftThe purity and goodness of every article warranted rankfort May 10 1811 432 tf Doctor Joseph 2 ElobeiMs AS returned to town to reside and tenders liis services XI to his former friendsand (he public as a practi ioner of Physic and Surgery He may be found at his apartmets at lhe Mansion House rankfort Nov 17 1 S40 406 tf RESIDENT DENTIST JOHN A NS Jlllortfy al Law practice Law in the Gouris in ra and in the Owen Andeison and Shelby Vircuiu Cot i ts Busine ss entrusted to his care shall be promptly at tended to rankfort Jan 11 Jt42 tf Wm OWSLY VV GOODLOE Allot'itj us al Jjhw XTILL pructi law iu cu'partnvrJiip in lhe Court of Appeals edera 1 'ouit General Court ranklin I Circuit aid ts Business confided to them wilt have their prompt attvnticm Office uu Montgomery street opposite the Mansion House one or both may gen era lly be found rankfort Ky Oct 1841 452 tf Dess AS settled himself in rankfort ancJ IO! will practice law in lhe different Courts holding theiy sessions in that place and hopes by close attention to bu siness to meet a share of the patronage of lhe public Ilty will generally be found at his office rankfort May 11 IcHl 431 tf Ears Notice JAPJES HARLAN will attend to any business confi ded to him iu the Court of Appeals and other Courts held in rankfort Oct 13 401 tf CJ Cates 'S' ffindscy A 1 i OilNLYS A LAW will give their joint atten lion io any business confided to their care in any of the courts held in raiikfoit They will also attend to the colIcctioiof and the investigation of land claims in any part of Kentucky Sept 8 184 396 by SSorcJeai Rccly Attorneys at Law rankfort Ky WILL practice law in co partnership in the Court of Appeals ederal Court General Court and rank lin Circuit Court US 31 will also practice in the Wood hud Circuit Court IV Reed will regularly practice iu 1 lie XV 1 1 enry and Owen Circuit Courts Mice opposite the ausion House and at all times open during the business hours rankfort eb 23 loll 120 tf Ijaw Notice MOREHEAD has settled in rankfort GP and will practice law in the Courts held there and in several of the adjoining counties Oct IM 6 139 tf 4 1 having located in rankfort offers his services tu the citizens of the place and its vicinity in the various branches of his prolescmn Operating room in the Mansion House entrance on St Clair Street 3 doors from Main REERENCES John Herndon Esq Gen Hardin Swigci Esq September 14 1841 149 tf Theobald Esq Vest Jos Gray 52 a Sts io 2 ISohc Stage IMiice RANKORT KY HIIE public are informed that passengers can be enter J3L ed at this House for any and all the stage lines which run to rankfort This is the regular stage office for the evening stage from Louisville which connects with the Rail Road cars and which leaves about 8A A every morning for the Georgetown stage which arrives at 8 A and departs at 2 for the Madison stage which arrives and departs three times a week In addition to these passengers can enter for the Lexington stages aud for the Harrodsburg stage which calls regularly every morning it leaves to take in passengers The Reading Room at this House is supplied with fifteen or twenty of the best newspapersof both political parties in the union besides lhe Spirit of the Times and lhe Picayune JAMES 8 STOUGHTON Sept 9 449 tf TIN COPPER Ami Sheet Iron iYIaHufactorv rsuiE subscriber would respectfully inform bis friends and the public generally that he has removed to the stand formerly occupied by Thomas McGrain on Main street next door to Dr Apothecary Shop where he is prepared to make all kinds of Tin CorrER or Sheet Iron Ware on the most reasonable terms aud shortest no tice He has on hand a gnod lot of hollow Castings of all kinds Cooking Stoves of the newest patlems and war ranted the best quality also a lot of Common Stoves of the most' approved patterns Call and see will buy old Copper Brass and Pewter WILLIAM MILLER rankfort Ky ebruary 17 184! 320 HORD Attorney at Law ILL practice law in the Court of Appeals ederal Court General Court and ranklin Circuit Court Any business confided toLim shall be faiihfullyand prompt attended to His office is on St Clair sti'eet near the bijdge where he may generally be found rankfort Ky Dec lc4L 463 tf A MU EL TODD A TODD attorneys at law Prankfort Ky WILL practice law in co partnership in lhe Court Appeals ederal Court General Court and rank lin Circuit ami County Courts A Todd will attend the Oldham Henry and Owen Circuit Courts They will at tend to the collection ot Claims in any of the adjoining comities and for sums over 5500 in any part of the State Business entrusted to them will receive their prompt atten tion Nov 1841 1 459 tf JOHN IIER2D0N Attorney at Law WILL practice in all the Anderson Owe: Courts and will attend to part of the State Office above tin Court House April 8 1841 426 tf Prankfort Kentucky the Courts held in Woodford and Shelby Circuit the collection of debts in any on Si Clair Street 2d door NOTICE ALL persons knowing themseives indebted to the late firm oi CA INS die BOYER are requested ta come forward immediately and pay what is due as it is indispen sible that the business of that firm should be closed those availing themselves ol this notice may save costs AKo those owing CAVINS A REYNOLDS will ac commodate them very much by settling up their accounts as they are desirous ol closing up their accounts once in six months preparatory to going East for a new stock CAVINS REYNOLDS July 6 439 tf COOKING STOVES THE subscribers have just received a supply of Pre mium Cooking Stoves of various sizes the very heel article of the kind which has ever been brought to rankfort Thoe wishing to purchase are requested to call and ex amine for themselves GEO GWIN CO June 26 139 tf SHERI'S NOTICE AGREEA BLY to the several acts of Assembly I shall on the fourth Monday in January next (being comity court day) al the court house door in Bowlinggreen Ky forfeit to the Slate of Kentucky the following tracts or par cels of land lying in Warren county for the taxes due thereon for the year 18 39 together with the interest and cost if not paid before said day viz: Mary Tihdle 22 acres Warren county creek valued at 2 20 Philip Giner 2 30 acres Warren county creek valued Same 235 acres Warren countv creek valued at $90'1 DUN AVAN wc Nov 9 457 2am3m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS B1HE subscriber has received his fall stock consisting in fit part of School Books letter and cap iper Bonnet Boa ids Wrapping Raper Slates Quills Ink Leger? Jour nals Day Books Memoranda Books of ever' description LEXINGTON CANDLES AND SOAP qp HE subscriber? having been appointed agents for thosi sale of Spencer Ct Lexington Candles and Soap have just received and expect to keep constantly on hand a quantity of the above articles fer sale at lhe manu 4 facturers prices by the box As many of our citizens have been using the above articles we deem it useless io say any thing as fu their quality CAVINS Cc REYNOLDS Oct 12 453 tf all of which he will sell at reasonable prices MAXWELL jr Alain street near Third Louisville Oct a Morclii'aifs1 Booricsboroiigk Address ITY MAY BE HAD AT THE uLGAVLN'D PLACES The Commonwealth Office rankfort Wm AI Todd's rankfort Wm Hickman's Store Lawrenceburg Gatcicood Alegoican's Bookstore Lexington Ballard cc Timberlake's Store Georgetown' John Aberdeen's Store Versailles Turner AlcClanahan Ar Turner 'Richmond Alorton Griswold Louisville Ellingwood Shelbyville Ky Lucas's Book Store Cincinnati Ohio April 6 NEW MEDICAL BOOK VELPEAU on Diseases of the Breast Rilliet and Barthez oh the Pheumonia of Children Tne above works complete in one volume Received and for sale by MAX WELL Jr Louisville Nov 30 Alain st near 3d BOOKS My Saviour or devoiional meditations on the names and titles of the Lord Jesus Chiist The oung Guide io the harmonious develop ment of the Chrislinn character By Harvey Newcomb I ales lor A on a collection of original anti selected Lit erature from celebrated English and American authors (dd Ironsides the simy ofa Shipwreck Aluamuc or the Golden Rule a tale of the sea ith twenty four engravings Recci and for sale bv AIAXWELL Jr Alain near Third Louisville Oct 153 LEA TOBACCO WANTED INDEY Al Co wish to purchase a large quantity of JLj Leaf Tobaccoin hogsheads or in the hand for which they will pay the highest market price in Cash delivered at their Manufactory (late McChesney's Carriage Shop) it rankfort Ky Oct 19 451 tf KENTUCKY RETORTS (new edition) great demand for these valuable Reports induced JL us at considerable expense to undertake their re publication We are gratified in being enabled to inform 160 tf Is can procure lhe same by can Otiice of the Co: mould Candles AX brand received 28 Boarding House or Alain st Ixmisiille on those cases that Physicians and Sur lhe legal profession that the new edition is cow completed and all ders for the work will be promptly attended to The work is comprised in four octavo volumes of between 6J0 and 7f0 pages iu each volume The price for a com plete sot is $2 By the act of 29th January IS 30 (Statute Laws COMMISSION fc ORWARDING MERCHANTS Warehouses at the Steam Boat Lauding Trankeort Ky March 2 1836 A'o cure no pay OERR VAN REDERIC late of Granville Ohio having removed to ranktort Kentucky of fers his services to the public in the practice of 5 AIEDIC1ATE SURG CRY He treats successfully the Chronic (long standing) anu In flammatory (recent') diseases of tiie Skin Eyes Eats Lungs Stomach Lier Bowels Kidneys Ac Certainly cures can be expected in all kinds of long stand ing fit He especially solicits a trial have went through the hands of other geons without benefit He can be found at Mrs at the Drug Store of Dr Crutcher rankfort Jan 4 1812 td to purchase the books reouired bv said courts BROWNS HODGES change whI confer a iavor bv the foregoing ad venKemeut three or four months The faver will becheer fully reciprocaicd whenever desired by them.

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