Project Slayers Breathing Style Tier List [All Ranked] (2024)

Breathing Styles are the most crucial ability you need as a Demon Slayer in Project Slayers. The game features Nine breathing styles, which have their own sets of moves and advantages. However, some of these styles stand out more than others. Therefore, all the breathing styles in Project Slayers have been rated in our Tier List.

Key Takeaways

  • Project Slayers features 9 Breathing techniques: Wind, Beast, Flame, Insect, Water, Sound, Snow, Thunder, and Mist Breathing.
  • Thunder, Mist, and Flame currently contest as the best Project Slayers Breathing techniques.
  • While none is the worst, Insect Breathing is kind of weak compared to all. It performs fair enough to deal with plenty of Project Slayers situations but won’t do anything more exceptional.
  • Since Breathings are a vital game attribute, having a better option will give your characters better abilities and skills.

Tier List Ranking

The breathing techniques have been graded from S-Tier to C-Tier, with S-Tier being the best breathing movesand C-Tier containing the poorest breathing techniques. Water, Thunder, Insect, and Wind are the several breathing techniques that may be used in the game.

Breathing Tier List Ranking Table
TiersBreathing Style
S-TierWind Breathing, Mist Breathing, Snow Breathing, and Sound Breathing
A-TierWater Breathing, Thunder Breathing, Beast Breathing, and Flame Breathing
B-TierInsect Breathing

All Breathing Styles And Their Comparison

With the rankings out of the way, let’s quickly review and compare each and every Breathing Style from Project Slayers:

StyleTierMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4Move 5Move 6
Flame BreathingSRising Scorching SunUnknowing FireBlooming UndulationBlazing UniverseFlaming TigerPurgatory/Rengoku
Mist BreathingSCloud and HazeEight Layered MistDistant HazeShifting Flow SlashLunar Dispersing MistObscuring Clouds
Snow BreathingSLayered FrostFrost PathFrozen DesertFrost Gnaw Illusory StormSnowtide Vortex
Sound BreathingSBursting BloomRoarResounding SlashesExplosive ImpactSmoke ScreenString Performance
Beast BreathingAPierceCrazy CuttingBending SlashThrowing StrikeDevouring SlashDevouring Rush
Water BreathingAWater Surface SlashWater WheelWater SerpentDrop Ripple ThrustWaterfall BasinConstant Flux
Wind BreathingAPurifying WindDust Whirlwind CutterClean Storm Wind TreeBlack Wind Mountain Mist Cold Mountain Wind Idaten Typhoon
Thunder BreathingAThunderclap and flashHeat LightingRapid SlashesThunder RainRice SpiritThunderclap and flash Sixfold
Insect BreathingBJawbreakerDance of the Bee StingDance of the DragonflyDance of the CentipedeMantis kick Butterfly Dance


Project Slayers Breathing Style Tier List [All Ranked] (1)

The S Tier is recognized as having the best breathing technique. By choosing the S Tier breathing method, you can never go wrong. In Project Slayers, Thunder Breathing’s enhancements are the best overall.

Flame Breathing

Used by Kyojuro Rengoku, Flame Breathing relies on offense. It has very powerful singular slashes that deal huge damage, and it also has DOT Burn Effects. Flame breathing is the type of breathing that imitates fire. Like fire, it is very destructive and has quick but powerful slashes. These slashes are so powerful that when a demon is slashed or beheaded by Rengoku, they feel a very intense burning sensation along with the slash.

To get the Best Breathing Style on our Breathing Tier List, you must be at level 75. Then, you can go to Wop City and get Flame Breathing from the Flame Trainer with 10K Wen and 150 Demon Horns.

  • 1st Move: Rising Scorching Sun.
  • 2nd Move: Unknowing Fire.
  • 3rd Move: Blooming Undulation.
  • 4th Move: Blazing Universe.
  • 5th Move: Flaming Tiger.
  • 6th Move: Purgatory/Rengoku.

Mist Breathing

Mist Breathing is a type of breathing style that copies the mist to obscure your opponent’s vision. The breathing style consists of very fast sword slashes while concealing your own movements to confuse and overpower your opponent.

You can get Mist Breathing if you are at least level 75, have at least 150 Demon Horns, and at least 10K Wen. Once these requirements are met, you can go to Map 2 and talk to the NPC with white hair and a beard.

  • 1st Move: Cloud and Haze.
  • 2nd Move: Eight Layered Mist.
  • 3rd Move: Distant Haze.
  • 4th Move: Shifting Flow Slash.
  • 5th Move: Lunar Dispersing Mist.
  • 6th Move: Obscuring Clouds.

Snow Breathing

As the name suggests, this breathing technique mimics the Snow, less the appearance and more the coldness associated with it, which then replicates the players’ movements and abilities.

Meaning every move you get somewhat depicts the patterns you might be used to seeing with actual snow, for instance, quick swings, jabs, or strikes. So impactful have the snow-styled specialties been that the Breathing style has quickly become famous amongst most gamers.

More on Snow Breathing’s swift AoEs and Cryokinetic attacks are as follows:

  • 1st Move: Layered Frost.
  • 2nd Move: Frost Path.
  • 3rd Move: Frozen Desert.
  • 4th Move: Frost Gnaw.
  • 5th Move: Illusory Storm.
  • 6th Move: Snowtide Vortex.

Sound Breathing

Mimicking sound, this Breathing technique in Project Slayer has wreaked havoc pretty early on in the game. Sound Breathing replicates the somewhat disoriented and louder nature of the sound with the user’s style of attack and movement.

This means you will mainly deal with explosive damage renderings rather than passive ones. To enhance this extremity, Sound Breathing also replicates the mobility of sound.

Meaning the movements and techniques are not only going to be lethal but also fast, making up for the high rating of the effectiveness of Sound Breathing.

  • 1st Move: Bursting Bloom.
  • 2nd Move: Roar.
  • 3rd Move: Resounding Slashes.
  • 4th Move: Explosive Impact.
  • 5th Move: Smoke Screen.
  • 6th Move: String Performance.


The breathing strategies that earned an A-Tier rating on our Breathing Tier List performed better than average. It indicates that while they aren’t the best breathing methods in the game, they do better than the majority of others.

Beast Breathing

Used by Inosuke, Beast Breathing is the type of breathing that copies the unpredictability and the ferociousness of a wild animal. Beast Breathing has a lot of combo extenders that are extremely hard to dodge and predict. That makes this breathing style incredibly strong when it comes to fast and erratic movements with a primal sense. The techniques may be simple, but they contain very animalistic-like movements.

To get Beast Breathing, you must be at least level 75 and have 10K Wen. When these requirements are met, you will need to go to the 2nd map; inside it, you can find the Beast Cave. There is a hole near the Beast Cave; you will go down the tunnels and find the Beast Trainer there. You must ensure that you do not get killed by Inosuke while in the cave since he is there, too.

  • 1st Move: Pierce.
  • 2nd Move: Crazy Cutting.
  • 3rd Move: Bending Slash.
  • 4th Move: Throwing Strike.
  • 5th Move: Devouring Slash.
  • 6th Move: Devouring Rush.

Water Breathing

Next up on our Breathing Tier List is a protective breathing technique called “water breathing”. The user’s quick motions and assault patterns imitate how water flows when more velocity is added, making it stronger. Due to this characteristic, it had multi-hit attacks that might get powerful when held and a propensity to knockback.

  • 1st Move: Water Surface Slash.
  • 2nd Move: Water Wheel.
  • 3rd Move: Water Serpent.
  • 4th Move: Drop Ripple Thrust.
  • 5th Move: Waterfall Basin.
  • 6th Move: Constant Flux.

Wind Breathing

A breathing technique called wind breathing concentrates on resembling the wind. Combat takes the form of generating strong wind gusts that are both damaging and far-reaching. The breathing technique in anime is sometimes seen as being solely offensive and having very few defensive skills.

It has a strong potential for a combination. Sanemi’s face is covered in countless scars, which demonstrates this. The player is required to locate Jinger and give him 5000 wens. The quest to enable Wind Breathing will subsequently be given to him.

  • 1st Move: Purifying Wind.
  • 2nd Move: Dust Whirlwind Cutter.
  • 3rd Move: Clean Storm Wind Tree.
  • 4th Move: Black Wind Mountain Mist.
  • 5th Move: Cold Mountain Wind.
  • 6th Move: Idaten Typhoon.

Thunder Breathing

The breathing technique known as “Thunder Breathing” directs nutrients and oxygen toward the player’s legs. They move at almost instantaneous speeds. As a result, striking targets with terrible force.

This is demonstrated by how the surface that the person is standing on while using thunder-breathing methods breaks and degrades. Attacks occur so quickly that the air vibrates and emits loud cracks that resemble thunder, hence the name.

  • 1st Move: Thunderclap and flash.
  • 2nd Move: Heat Lighting.
  • 3rd Move: Rapid Slashes.
  • 4th Move: Thunder Rain.
  • 5th Move: Rice Spirit.
  • 6th Move: Thunderclap and flash Sixfold.


Project Slayers Breathing Style Tier List [All Ranked] (2)

The rating performance of B-Tier breathing styles is mediocre. Although they perform fairly well, they are not the greatest choice in Project Slayers.

Insect Breathing

Shinobu Kocho developed the breathing technique known as “insect breathing” just for him in Butterfly Mansion. She began poisoning the blade and sheath with wisteria since she lacked the power to decapitate a demon. Instead of slashes, this breathing technique emphasizes high-speed thrust assaults that puncture the adversary.

Similar to how some insects penetrate and inject toxins with their stingers, which gives the phenomenon its name, the penetrating wound can create an entryway for the venom to enter the demon’s body.

  • 1st move: Jawbreaker.
  • 2nd move: Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter.
  • 3rd move: Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon.
  • 4th move: Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag.
  • 5th move: Mantis kick (counter).
  • 6th move: Butterfly Dance: Caprice.

Changes Due To Patch Update

Last Update: Update 1.5

This section highlights all the essential updates made to Project Slayers games over the last few months, primarily its Breathing techniques. This is done to ensure you are aware of all the current mechanics surrounding the game, which automatically will help you make the right choice at the right time.

The important changes as per recent Project Slayers patches are:

  • Sound Breathing” is introduced as the new breathing style.
  • The game, for the very first time, makes available a fan-made breathing style, “Snow Breathing.”

How We Create Tier List

We spent several hours playing the game and doing online research to create this Breathing Tier List. Depending on the players’ perspectives on a particular breathing method, the rank in the tier list may change.

Wemade sure to analyze each approach in every scenario imaginable to determine which one performs best against adversaries.

The primary goal of the Project Breathingtier list is to inform Project Slayers players about the breathing methods and moves that distinguish certain characters from others.

Based on the play style or preference, you may switch to utilizing these tactics, and the list of the top tiers will be quite helpful in this respect.

Next:Nioh 2 Weapon Tier List


  • Added New Breathing Styles.

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Project Slayers Breathing Style Tier List [All Ranked] (2024)


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